The Card Czar Difference

Our Purpose

The Card Czar founders are a bunch of collectors. We collect sports cards, sports memorabilia, wrestling cards, non sports cards, comics, video games, toys (THEY’RE FIGURINES!) and just about anything else that catches our eye.

The common denominator between the crew is our passion for collecting sports cards. Seeing the challenges for those trying to collect base cards and finish sets due to the industry moving towards collecting “hits” and big money cards is what inspired us to create Card Czar. Do we love getting an autograph or low numbered parallel of one of our PC players or teams? Absolutely! Do we love getting a high price card that we could either stash away or try to flip/trade for a PC player? You better believe it! Everybody collects differently and that is what we love about this industry.

What we are bringing to the sports card market is a low cost way to build a set or player PC. No longer will you have a $.99 minimum on a card that is truly worth $.25. Why pay 4x what the card is worth? Card Czar will allow you to buy your favorite team or player without breaking the bank! While the foundation of our website will be base cards, you can expect to see rookies, parallels, numbered cards, autographs, RPAs, patch and jersey cards, 1/1 and anything else the card companies come up with!
We also want to educate and inform our customers. Expect regular blog/video posts about some of the hot and cold players, general banter about the sports card industry, featured sets, box recaps and just about anything else we can dream up!

Our Process

We have partnered with dealers throughout the sports card industry to bring in thousands of cards each week to build one of the largest base card inventories on the internet. When new sets release, they will be uploaded to our site not long after the original release date.

So what to expect from Card Czar? Let’s break it down…

  • Search for the player, team or set that you are looking to purchase
  • If the card(s) is in stock, add it to your shopping cart
  • Quick and easy check out using PayPal, Credit Cards or Venmo
  • Build your PC!

OK some more specifics…

  • Each card that is priced between $0.15 (our minimum)-$2.99 will ship in a penny sleeve
  • If you want to add a top loader to the card(s), you can do so while checking out and it will only cost an additional $.25 per top loader
  • Each card that is priced at $3.00+ will automatically ship in a top loader
  • Domestic shipping is a flat fee of $4.00 no matter how many cards you purchase
  • International shipping is available, but will be priced out on a case by case basis
  • Every order will ship with tracking and in a bubble mailer (at a minimum)

It’s pretty simple!